Anthony Davies - Medical Professional Corporation | Estevan Doctors Office, SK

Prenatal and Postnatal

We offer prenatal and postnatal services.

We support women from the moment of conception through to delivery. When a woman suspects she may be pregnant, we will see you to confirm pregnancy by offering free pregnancy test. We will then arrange initial blood tests and ultrasound scan. A booking appointment would be made and a referral letter generated to an Obstetrician of your choice for shared care. The frequency of visits and tests required during the pregnancy will be tailored to the individual women.

We will be available to look after you and your baby in the hospital after delivery until discharge.

We will also offer postnatal care for the mother and routine well baby clinics for the baby.

Soon we will be able to offer Non-stress CTG and interpretation of the results for all our pregnant women – from 28 weeks pregnancy onwards. This service will be available to all pregnant women beyond 28 weeks of pregnancy whether registered with us or not. Normal results will be sent to your family physician and actions taken if abnormal. Please check our news for updates on this.